No man could ever please me… (Cuckolding Erotica)

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A story about cuckolding… Done a bit… different.

“You can never please me.”
You stare at me in disbelief as I call my girlfriend to come over. You were trying so hard to make me orgasm. You give me everything I want and still it’s not enough?
“Now help me get dressed!”
You crawl over in shame and help me put on the nice lingerie set you gave me, the sexy stockings and the gorgeous high heels. You help me put on the sexy robe you gave me for valentine’s day. You’re having mixed feelings, but you’re getting curious and aroused.
The doorbell rings.
“Now open the door for her and offer her something to drink.”
You stare at this gorgeous woman standing in the doorway, she asks for a glass of wine before you can say anything. You get into the kitchen and poor us our drinks.
When you come back you see her on top of me, kissing me passionately. I smirk and say: “Now honey, that’s how you do it. But you already knew no man could ever please me…”

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